3 Ways to Engage Consumers Using CTV Ads

By Ashley Kaczmar • September 15, 2021

According to eMarketer, connected TV (CTV) ad spend continues to grow rapidly, with advertisers increasing their upfront CTV video ad spend by nearly 50%, with an expected total ad spend of $4.51 billion by the end of 2021. This is largely driven by the shift in the way consumers view media, which changed drastically throughout the pandemic. As the way audiences watch videos change, it’s no surprise that advertisers follow.

How to Get the Most Out of Your CTV Ads

As ad spend increases, it’s crucial that advertisers ensure their creatives stand out from the crowd. By leveraging creative innovation, advertisers are able to create more personalized, engaging ads. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning the advertising industry has numerous CTV ad formats that maximize campaign performance. 

Dynamic Overlays

Dynamic overlays allow advertisers to take existing video creatives and use data to personalize that creative to the viewer. For example, if the video is served to a viewer in Chicago, the creative can be tailored to that city. This can be extended to a number of things, including location, behavior, or interests. By making CTV ads dynamic and changeable, brands have more control over their message and how they apply their message to different audience segments.

Interactive & Shoppable Videos

Interactive ads drive a deeper connection between the consumers and the products and services featured within the ad. By making the content interactive, consumers are empowered to create their own journeys through product learning and exploration via links within the content or even the ability to shop right from the video. 

Interactive and shoppable videos are being adopted by brands more and more for desktop and mobile, but CTV requires a different approach. Interactive CTV ads may prompt consumers to use their remote to receive additional information on the product. They may also have the option to use their mobile device to scan a QR code, taking them to interactive versions of the ad, specific landing pages, or even enabling a direct purchase. 

Sequential CTV Creatives

Sequential CTV strategies allow advertisers to tell a story across multiple CTV creatives. Through the use of data and partnerships with publishers and tech partners, brands can deliver sequential and cross-device messaging. This allows for richer stories and experiences–something consumers have indicated they want more of–while deepening the relationship between the brand and the consumer. 

For example, brands deliver creative A and focus the messaging on flashy, brand-building moments. They can then retarget those who saw creative A and deliver creative B, which dives deeper into the value of their brand or product. Finally, after the consumer has seen creative A and B, the brand can deliver creative C, which can offer a discount code to further lead them down the funnel. 

Digital video and CTV have grown significantly throughout 2020 and 2021 and are only projected to grow. To get the most out of their CTV and digital video strategies, brands need to find the right tools and platforms that understand the importance of merging content with commerce.

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