KERV Interactive Expands Dynamic CTV QR Product, Making It Easier to Use and Measurable For Brands

By Ashley Kaczmar • February 22, 2022

KERV Interactive, a digital advertising platform, announced new features for its KERV TV solution with dynamic CTV QR product. After testing the product with customers over the last year and generating millions of scans, the KERV TV product is rolling out new features including placement options on screen, linking options to products and a simplified process of inserting QR codes. These features were designed to make it easier to implement QR codes in CTV ad campaigns while also driving measurable ROI for brands.

KERV TV now includes the ability to dynamically move QR codes on screen while streaming based on the context of the video. This includes on-screen products and objects, as well as the time of day, product availability, and more. Brands also have more choices when it comes to links. CTV QR codes generated through the KERV platform can lead directly to product pages, websites, or even add to calendar events. When paired with other KERV products, brands can also direct QR codes to fully interactive versions of the video as a companion shopper, featuring products that are a part of the programming on the user’s CTV.

Brands have access to robust reporting metrics that are unique to KERV TV, including object-level engagement, intent, and user scan data, which can then be used to sequentially inform activities with other KERV products.

“The recent notable success of QR code campaigns is proof of how strong the potential is to drive consumer intent around these types of experiences,” says Jay Wolff, SVP Partnerships at KERV Interactive. “KERV’s unique Dynamic CTV QR product revolutionizes the way consumers interact with content while providing brands with never before seen metrics.”

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