3 Ways Your Video Ad Strategy Can Boost Online Sales This Holiday Season

By Deleyla Glass • September 25, 2019

This holiday season your brand’s video advertising strategy should work hand-in-hand with your overall sales goals. The 2018 holiday season yielded $998.32 billion dollars in retail sales. Projections for 2019 suggest that this number will increase to $1.035 trillion dollars this holiday season (a 3.71% YoY increase).

With a shortened holiday calendar, increased demand for free shipping, attraction towards better in-store customer experiences and propensity for multi-channel cost comparison and shopping, brands face the challenge of standing out from their competitors without sacrificing their bottom line. With KERV’s unique, patented, interactive video technology and cutting-edge media buying approach, winning the 2019 holiday shopping season is achievable.

KERV’s Proprietary Technology Maximizes Your Ad Dollars Without Sacrificing Reach

With our one-of-a-kind ability to address multiple messages to a variety of audiences, utilizing KERV technology as a component of your holiday 2019 digital advertising strategy is a seamless solution to address how to maximize your ad dollars without sacrificing value exchanges between your brand and your target consumer(s).

Here’s how KERV can solve three of the biggest obstacles your brand will face this holiday season:

1. One Creative Asset: Multiple Buyer Personas

A single video asset can cost as little as $1,200 to more than $50,000 to produce. Brands typically offer a variety of products that can appeal to any number of buyer personas. Thus, creating one video asset that appeals to your ideal consumer base is often difficult and often limiting to marketing impact. With KERV, you can extend your creative’s story and distinctly customize your consumers’ experience with creative messaging that resonates with each personas’ interests and values on a much deeper level than what they get in a standard pre-roll experience – all within the same video asset.

*See how KERV helped Troy-Bilt reach their core consumers and competitors’ shoppers while building brand awareness among the General Lawn & Garden audience.

2. Multi-channel Consumer Preferences

A consumer survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics last year found that 54% of consumers shop utilizing a multi-channel approach (online and in-store shopping). eMarketer reports that online shoppers were attracted to fast, free or discounted shipping offers and seamless mobile purchase experiences, while Brick-and-Mortar sales were driven primarily by heightened in-store experiences, foot traffic specific promotions and flexible fulfillment options (Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store).

With KERV’s exclusive capability to make every object in your creative interactive, you can differentiate your messaging at multiple touch points throughout to appeal to the multi-channel shopping preferences of your targeted consumers. Even further, contextually relevant objects and/or products within your creative can link out to your social channels and deep-link to drive mobile-app downloads on your customers’ mobile device. To help complete the fulfillment circle, KERV can optimize towards lowering the cost-per-in-store visit, measured by Factual. With this data sync, we can assess the correlation between object-level interaction and the increase to store-based foot traffic, by user.

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3. Shortened Holiday Shopping Period

With Thanksgiving occurring one week later than it did last year, differentiating your brand and breaking through category monotony is crucial for meeting and exceeding your end-of-year revenue goals. With only 27 shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, consumers will have one less week to shop than they did last year, which means you will have one less week to stand out from your competitors and showcase why your products should be under their loved ones’ trees this year.

To do that, your brand will need to win the Cyber Five: Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Super Sunday and Cyber Monday. With KERV’s proprietary technology, you can curate your creative messaging around your sales promotions and offerings to win each of these key days. Here’s how:

  • Within the same video asset, update your object highlight copy, calls-to-action and click-through URLs to drive consumers to the products and services that are on sale that day.
  • Sequentially target consumers with KERV’d enhanced banner assets that include the products they interacted with in the video asset. Include unique promotions and savings as an added incentive to drive additional purchase consideration.Click to preview our KERV’d video and sequential enhanced banners for Beats by Dre.

Partnering with KERV is easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Asset Collection

Upon receipt of your video asset, the KERV team will review your creative and provide an Asset Collection Form that features our recommendations for the calls-to-action, Auto-Populated scenes, KERV’d objects, object keywords and object copy that will drive the best performance towards achieving both the goals of your campaign and exceeding your KPIs for success.

Step 2: Collaboration

Upon review, you will be able to make comments and provide feedback directly within the Asset Collection Form. This process is incredibly turnkey and collaborative! We will answer any questions you may have, provide guidance on the impacts to performance that requested changes could potentially make, and work with you to ensure that the vision that you have for your creative is brought to life.

Step 3: Approve and Launch

You will receive a preview link to your KERV’d video asset for final review. Simultaneously, we will work with you to ensure all first party audience segments and third party tracking pixels are implemented, functioning and ready to go. Then, we can launch your campaign within 48 hours of final approval.

Let’s work together to KERV the world with your unique brand this holiday season.

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