Why Data-Driven Video is Important to Brand Experiences

By Ashley Kaczmar • August 27, 2021

Consumers are savvier than ever when it comes to their wants and needs. Their expectations with digital marketing have continued to evolve and in turn, marketers have continuously evolved their strategies to keep up. One of the key ways marketers are connecting and engaging with consumers is through an emphasis on brand experiences. 

How do we define brand experiences? A common misconception is that brand experiences are limited to live events. In reality, brand experiences encompass the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that the brand elicits from the consumer across all touchpoints. Whether physical or digital, consumer expectations demand that every touchpoint they have with a brand is consistent and personalized. 

By leveraging data and technology in their storytelling, marketers can create brand experiences that build deeper connections and drive results. One of the best ways marketers can do this on digital platforms is through video. 

Right Message, Right Time

Every marketer knows that getting the right message in front of the right person at the right time is a critical part of a campaign’s success. It’s a marketing mantra, but it’s hard to live up to. 

That’s what makes data-driven video such a valuable strategy. Consumers want video. They like learning about brands and products through video, and they’re more engaged with video compared to other types of content. It’s an immersive and memorable brand experience, as long as the brand ensures it’s tailored to the consumers they’re targeting.

Metrics such as time watched and click-through rate can tell a brand how effectively the content is performing and help them streamline retargeting. By using data to understand the context in which the consumer receives the video and their behavior around it, brands can create innovative and personalized ad experiences.

The Future is Interactive, Data-Driven Video

Understanding data triggers and using those to inform optimization on a branded video campaign is effective, but adding interactive to data-driven video campaigns takes it to a whole new level.

View time, demographics, and click-through rates offer valuable insight into a video’s performance. Interactive video, however, allows brands to dive deeper into how an audience is engaging with the content. 

Technology such as KERV Interactive allows brands to highlight individual objects in a video and create unique experiences around each one. The data that this type of technology provides is unprecedented.

Through KERV Interactive, brands gain access to 15+ proprietary, action‑based data points. These metrics include:

  • Object highlight
  • Object time spent
  • Primary CTA click
  • Total interactions
  • …and more!

This kind of data provides clarity around exactly what objects and messages are resonating with the consumers. Brands can more dynamically optimize their videos to ensure they’re creating the experiences consumers want and need. 

Interactive, data-driven video can be used to create powerful brand experiences, delivering more relevant content and enabling deeper consumer engagement. Contact KERV to learn more about how you can elevate your video campaigns.

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