15 Mind-Blowing Stats About the Future of Advertising

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The future of advertising will be personalized, automated, immersive, experiential, and measurable. It won’t feel like advertising. We have the stats to back it up.  1. During an Adobe Think Tank panel discussion at Advertising Week 2017, Phil Gaughran, U.S. chief integration officer at agency McGarryBowen, made a bold prediction: By 2022, he said,…

3 Principles That Will Make or Break Your Business

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Building and growing a successful business is a very difficult thing to do. The truth is, most businesses will fail within the first three years. It is imperative that the culture of the company creates the best possible environment for success. The three principles stated below are the same for any size…

Collecting New Data Points: Q&A With KERV’s Marika Roque

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Marika Roque, executive vice president of media and technology at KERV Interactive, has spent years on the agency side, working on brands in technical, media, production, operational and senior leadership roles. “I have worked in digital from its beginning,” she explained. “My understanding of the inner workings of the digital ecosystem help…