Countless aspects of normal life have been diminished in this quarantine: parties, social engagements, shopping, working in an office, etc. But, one thing has risen dramatically during this time: gaming! With more and more people stuck at home, the hours spent on gaming have skyrocketed. Interactive video, meanwhile, is perfectly poised to help advertisers and brands make the most of this rare opportunity.

Gaming presents a constant flood of new content, game patches, modes, etc., all rolled out on most titles across their lifecycle. Interactive video ads from innovative companies like KERV, the multi-award-winning interactive video company, provide versatility and powerful technology to accommodate high processing speed as well as enhanced user experiences.

For example, KERV’s patented technology inserts seamless ads into video to help boost numerous elements, such as the following.


Interactive video technology unlocks creative video elements and gives gamers even more versatility and choice, especially with updates throughout a game’s lifecycles.


Engagement, link-out rates, and time spent with a brand increase with intelligent interactive video elements. KERV has seen the average time spent exceed 2x the creative’s length on gaming campaigns.


Gaming companies now have the ability to utilize a single creative and effectively create different versions with dedicated messaging specific to consoles and devices or based on what is being interacted with.


To help communicate changes and updates (e.g., new characters, new weapons, new promos, etc.), interactive video provides an efficient method of distributing a full breadth of information consistently and quickly.


With object-level audio and video clips integrated into the ad experience, KERV can facilitate a deeper and richer connection with a brand, allowing consumers to lean in and learn more.

The company’s interactive video platform leverages 8 key characteristics.

In the past few years, the ad tech infrastructure has grown in leaps and bounds, and now it is ready for the next frontier: interactive video. With this in mind, KERV, the multi-award-winning interactive video company revolutionizing the performance of digital advertising with its patented technology, is perfectly poised to add value in multiple dimensions while helping businesses build their brands and increase commerce opportunities.

KERV’s unique platform takes advantage of 8 key characteristics.

1. Agnosticism

Player, platform, and pixel agnostic, making it a non-disruptive lift solution to existing media/tech video stacks.

2. Simplicity

Understanding agency/media company workflows and creating solutions for a simplified approach to campaign setup and execution.

3. Modularity

Creating a dynamic user experience that is both intuitive as well as vertical/strategy agnostic.

4. Precision

AI/ML technology unleashes KERV’s patent (the ability to define images in any video at their curved-pixel edges) with unprecedented data feedback.

5. Viability

Patented tech manages service programmatic, self-service programmatic, direct buys, embedded short-form/long-form videos, and more.

6. Portability

Offering data transparency to clients free of charge through several methods.

7. Support

Making our teams available for creative ideation, setup best practices, and more.

8. Validation

Robust, 1st-party data insights are deterministic at both the scene and object level.

As we are in unprecedented economic times, KERV is pushing the evolution of marketing for many different audiences, from tech and businesses enthusiasts to people following changes in business due to COVID-19.

The global pandemic and quarantine have changed the world over the past several weeks. And, as we adjust to a new normal and its implications on our healthcare systems, people around the world are becoming more interested in pharmaceuticals and telemedicine. This is where interactive video ads can make a monumental difference.

Information is critical now more than ever before. For pharma and telemedicine videos, interactive ads can include essential data, ISI (Important Safety Information), instructions and much more. Here are just a few opportunities:


Some pharma content needs to uphold a certain set of regulations and laws. KERV’s patented platform provides object-level integration options for companies to include disclaimers, ISI, and other legal copy directly in videos.

Awareness/Education for Healthcare Providers

Interactive technology can help pharma reps better connect with healthcare professionals to demonstrate the value of products, treatments, and medicines.

Awareness/Education for Consumers

Interactive video allows consumers to be well informed about products or updates with interchangeable text, linked to each product or service, creating a multi-layered storytelling effect.


Interactive videos generate increased interest, video engagement, performance, and time spent with brands/products.


Along with awareness and education, KERV brings ecommerce to the forefront of videos with object-level shoppability while providing a more accessible commerce stream with shopping cart and linking features within a video asset.

Impact on Telemedicine

As telemedicine adoption rates most likely will increase post-COVID, interactive video can help healthcare providers deliver more relevant information while giving patients better care.

The editors of AdExchanger announced the finalists of the 2020 AdExchanger Awards, the best of the year in digital media. Judged entirely by an esteemed panel of industry experts over a six-week period, KERV Interactive was selected as a finalist in three separate award categories for technology providers.

1. “Best Early-Stage Technology Company”

Ad tech is consolidating, but it’s also expanding. This award recognizes the best and most innovative of the new wave of technology firms. Applicants should have been founded less than three years ago.


  • KERV Interactive’s Patented Video Intelligence Platform (KERV Interactive)
  • Blockthrough’s Adblock Monetization Platform (Blockthrough)
  • Compliance automation and acceleration for highly regulated industries (Fyllo)
  • ID5 – an identity solution for a cookie-less world (ID5)
  • Publica – The advanced programmatic platform for Connected TV (Publica)
  • Wurl: First Year as a Streaming and Advertising Service Company Exceeded Expectations (Wurl)

2. “Best Data-Enabling Technology”

From industry stalwarts like DMPs to new data management and activation technologies such as customer data platforms, customer identity companies and data consortiums, this award recognizes the leading companies that bring data to bear in programmatic media.


3. “Best Demand-Side Technology”

Agencies and tech companies that represent advertisers in online exchanges face a complicated auction environment on one side and sophisticated clients demanding more data-driven results on the other. This award recognizes outstanding demand-side technology companies that consistently meet the highest standards.


  • KERV Interactive’s Patented Video Intelligence Platform (KERV Interactive)
  • The Pioneer of Programmatic is Cleaning Up the Ad Tech Ecosystem Once and for All (MediaMath)
  • Verizon Media DSP – Driving Connections That Matter (Verizon Media DSP)
  • Vistar Media, a Key Enabler of DOOH Industry’s Massive Growth (Vistar Media)
  • Xaxis’ Copilot Empowers Brands to Achieve Business Goals Through Programmatic Advertising (Xaxis)

KERV is changing the marketing landscape by giving consumers what they want

In our fast-paced and ultra-competitive marketing landscape, consumers expect a personalized and visually inspiring experience from video. So how can brands capitalize on these opportunities? The answers can be found in interactive video and shoppable ads.

A personalized consumer engagement strategy, via interactive video, creates a better and more relevant user experience that further drives brand awareness and affinity. When we include shoppable ads, the game changes completely.

Take KERV, for example. The innovative marketing company uses Pixel Recognition Artificial Intelligence to create seamless shoppable ads within interactive video. This gives brands control of individual pixels, which are the golden keys to each product. It also leverages the tremendous value of pixel real estate.

As a result, consumers gain more insight into a brand and its message, allowing them to form deeper connections with a brand and enjoy a more rewarding experience. Not to mention, they now can immediately purchase items within a few clicks directly from a video!

KERV videos have been tested with over 100 million unique users and create interaction and engagement rates that well surpass traditional pre‑roll. In comparison to traditional in‑stream videos, brands can expect: 20X higher user engagement; 6X higher interaction rates; 5X higher CTR; and 4X more time spent with the brand.

Also, any brand is able to benefit from KERV’s technology, as the technology simply takes existing videos and automatically layers it with interactivity, engagement points, and shoppable ads.

No need to create a specific video to reap the benefits of interactive video.

As the pandemic continues to impact the bottom line for businesses around the globe, content creators and publishers are facing unique challenges.

To maximize their user experience and leverage additional information, shopping and revenue generation opportunities, some of the biggest publishers in the world are turning to innovative technology: interactive video ads, such as those delivered by KERV, the multi-award-winning interactive video company revolutionizing the performance of digital advertising with its patented technology.

While publishers adapt to typical revenue streams drying up due to Covid, they can use interactive video ads to boost branding and e-commerce strategies.

For example, KERV’s pixel recognition artificial intelligence creates seamless shoppable ads within interactive video, which is perfect for publishers who want to maximize long-form, branded and other types of content.

Moreover, as e-commerce skyrockets due to more people staying at home and shopping online, enhanced shoppability within videos can drive conversions and sales.

Video advertisers and publishers also can maximize these conversion opportunities to improve online consumer experiences, establish stronger brand loyalty, and increase time spent with content, pages and apps.

And, in this unique market where we’re all experience something unprecedented together, consumers want to hear how brands are being helpful in our new everyday life.

Interactive video ads provide customized messaging opportunities for multi-dimensional storytelling that enable brands and publishers alike to connect with a wide range of consumers while also breathing new life into content and extending its shelf life.

Many different audiences, from tech and businesses enthusiasts to people following the impact of Covid, can learn why content creators and publishers are turning to innovative interactive video ads to enhance the consumer experience and drive new revenue opportunities.

To help companies transform and boost their value proposition in reaction to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, KERV helps maximize the value of ad spend by creating interactive experiences from existing videos.

KERV’s patented interactive video technology is a powerful tool for advertisers and content creators, especially during these times where digital communication is not only suggested but required. With interactivity, video marketers can expect increased engagement, clicks, time spent with ads and conversions with object-level intelligence and shopability.

KERV’s core technology has many use cases, including the ability to quickly transition online video assets into interactive e-commerce experiences. Adding interactivity to videos allows marketers to provide multiple sets of organized information into one area, creating convenience for each user. Not only does interactive video help brands stand out from the mass online crowd, but it allows users to engage when and how they want.

All brand verticals benefit from interactive video, including household appliances, retail, sports, automotive, gaming and technology and more.

  • Household and appliance brands: KERV drives awareness and purchase intent for consumer products by bringing key features to the forefront of a brand’s online video. KERV’s patented precision allows for not only each appliance to be uniquely interactive, but it can break objects into additional objects to allow interactive opportunity at the attribute level which highlights each item’s bells and whistles. Marketers can now bring the showroom and shelves into the homes of relevant consumers. Without the ability to currently go into these stores and touch, feel and learn more about these products, KERV’s technology allows shopping and exploration to occur digitally, taking those product features to the consumer through existing video assets. Brands like Fisher & Paykel have benefit from KERV’s technology in video campaigns.

  • Retail brands: KERV brings products, details, offers, news, etc. directly into video assets with the ability to build shopping carts, learn about products and navigate directly to URL destinations of choice – all from inside the video ad. Brands like Carhartt have experienced increased click-through-rates of 1,040% above the standard benchmark, and doubled brand interaction time. Neiman Marcus and Vogue have also benefit from KERV by organically driving up engagement from target audiences.
  • Sports brands: KERV transforms existing videos into experiences, heightening levels of engagement and commerce. Callaway Golf was able to use KERV’s data-driven metrics to identify which consumers preferred different gold clubs, and then provided specific interactive ads based on each audience’s preference.

  • Automotive brands: KERV provides a brand-new way for consumers to experience products/services online. Interactive video allows automotive brands to create a digital car showroom that brings all of the information car buyers need to know into one place. Consumers can engage with each automotive feature; test drive the vehicles via interaction and learn more about each feature and option without leaving the video creative – bringing the in-person car buying experience to the creative.

  • Gaming and technology brands: KERV is able to pull in specific game attributes, less obvious features, sequentially communicate with customers, drive downloads and make a video ad a game of its own. Users can experience the game, or learn how to play, just by viewing an online ad.

Callaway Golf and KERV Interactive were named 2020 Digiday Content Marketing Award finalists in “Best Use of Data” for an interactive video campaign showcasing Callaway’s new JAWS MD5 Wedges.


Callaway unlocked a new interactive dimension into its video strategy in a campaign showcasing the golf brand’s new JAWS MD5 Wedges. Powered by KERV’s patented, data-driven technology, Callaway’s interactive video campaign provided consumers with a fresh video experience that organically heightened levels of engagement and e-commerce.

The video campaign was delivered programmatically via desktop and mobile devices, and provided a website-like experience for users to learn more about the brand, specific club attributes, history on design heritage as well as click-to-shop opportunities. 

Utilizing object-level identification, each unique Callaway club in the video creative was wrapped with interactivity and assigned a category, unique text, data and links to provide in-depth understanding and actionable insights around how audiences actually engaged with the brand. With over 15, action-based proprietary metrics, KERV’s interactive intelligence allowed for the creation of engagement-based audiences specific to the campaign and allowed the brand to strategically re-target based on unique interactions per object.

KERV’s next-level data brought a new landscape of audience building and video optimization to Callaway’s creative, and provided versatility to the marketing strategy with the ability to create different, custom variations of the same video to be marketed more effectively.

See the full list of finalists below and stay tuned for the awards this spring. 

Best Use of Data
KERV Interactive and Callaway Golf
WP BrandStudio and Mastercard – Data Makes a Difference
Quartz and Refinitiv – Automotive Reputation Report
AmTrust Financial

There is a rapidly growing need for remote communication amid the Coronavirus pandemic, and brands are fighting hard to stand out from the influx of content and information. Now more than ever, our daily lives connect through watching all content digitally.

Recognizing that every penny counts in these trying times, innovative companies like KERV, a multi-award-winning interactive video company, are helping businesses more effectively communicate with and engage their audiences through interactive technology. 

While consumers are relying on digital experiences, brands can maximize the value of their ad spend by creating interactive experiences from existing videos. With KERV’s patented interactive video technology, brands can highly increase engagement, clicks, time spent with ads and converstions with shoppability and object-level intelligence. 

Interactive video lets consumers get the information they want, when they want it, and is exactly what consumers are looking for and brands need to stand out from the crowd.

KERV products allow a viewer watching content on any digital device, including a Connected TV, to click on the product to: a) buy now; b) find out more; c) text a coupon; d) schedule a test drive, etc. Consumers are more connected to information and content than ever before; likewise, leading edge technologies, like KERV’s interactive video solutions, can create new opportunities for retailers, brands, and other businesses across the globe.

Interactive video and KERV’s patented technology are necessary and compelling in marketer’s media-mix, especially now as we’re surrounded by increased digital demand and companies requiring maximized ROAS.

Connect with us for more information.

On Monday, February 24, 2020, Digiday hosted its Hot Topic: Addressable TV event in New York City where media marketers zeroed in on the acceleration of audience-based targeting for sharpening campaigns.

Industry leaders from KERV, Digitas, Mindshare, Modi Media, Horizon Media, Havas, Jaguar Land Rover, Dentsu and more filled the discussion and provided new insights into this trend.

Programmatic is a methodology, not a media channel

The key takeaway from the one-day event was that the addressable TV media strategy still has a lot of room for growth. While the growth in connected TV viewership has made it easier for advertisers to aim their campaigns at specific audience segments, addressable TV advertising is still being fine-tuned.

The size of the audience is currently limited and should still be paired with other media such as a linear strategy. Convoluted sales environments, measurement issues and inventory limitations have frustrated advertisers’ abilities to pinpoint audiences on TV. Measurement and cross device frequency capping are presenting challenges.

Data can solve a lot of challenges

KERV is not a device graph company, but there are many technology companies that are working to solve this problem. Currently, there is a problem of publisher/content versus platform – making the frequency puzzle even more difficult as consideration for both content/show and device frequency need to be considered.

Once cross device is truly connected, KERV can maximize ad add dimension the frequency modeling, by interaction. KERV maximizes frequency-based impact by personalizing and/or versioning creatives based on the initial object-level touch patterns, in real time, depending on when the ad needs to be served. Imagine being able to frequency model against object category!

Connecting data its its own challenge 

Laura Destefanis, manager, brand & retail advertising at Jaguar Land Rover, and Ryan Webb, client partnerships at Xandr, spoke about closed loop reporting to reach in-market auto intenders by combining relevant creative and audience-based buying.

This is where KERV steps in to further drive success by adding layers of value from modeling directly to interactions which connect with their bottom line.

Vevo and TVision talked about measuring engagement with music video content with details around research highlighting how long viewers spend engaging, view demographics and view patterns. KERV makes this extremely easy with new audience targeting methods and action-based consumer data visualization reports from in-video interactions at the object-level.

Modi Media discussed how the addressable TV ad market has historically been hindered by a lack of available inventory, and a struggle to stitch together a national audience. Marc Cestaro, director, addressable lead at Modi Media, discussed how addressable is overused and should only be 1-1 targeting at the household level zip versus HH.

Overall, the day was filled with valuable insights from an influential group of advertising executives.

Marika Roque, COO at KERV Interactive.

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