Carhartt Elevates its Direct-to-Consumer Experience with KERV Interactive Video Technology

By kerv • June 20, 2019

AUSTIN, TEXAS (June 20, 2019)Carhartt, America’s premium workwear brand since 1889, partnered with Apollo Program and KERV Interactive to develop a direct-to-consumer interactive experience to help hardworking consumers learn more about the iconic brand and its innovative products. Apollo Program, the technology company who provides data, insights and strategy for Carhartt, developed this new application alongside its media and marketing partners at ACE Content. ACE develops and produces premium, original content for brands, studios, media networks and distributors.

The strategy included developing a series of videos that showcase the details of how Carhartt’s hardworking jackets and pants are built to provide wearers with a greater range of motion through its Rugged Flex® gear and its Full Swing® technology.

“At Apollo we listen to billions of data signals about consumers and content, to then translate that into new ways for a brand’s content and messaging to be most relevant to consumers,” said Jim Caruso, CEO at Apollo Program. “KERV Interactive’s technology allowed us to create an environment where we provided consumers not with an ad, but with the utility to easily learn about specific Carhartt products that were important to their work. It created a premium experience for our hyper-targeted Carhartt consumer audience and drove high engagement with this medium.”

KERV’s patented technology is wrapped on existing videos and creates immediate dimension by enabling every product, in every scene, to be interactive. As consumers are watching a video on any device, they can easily tap to learn more about specific products, features, history and pricing as well as click-to-purchase – all from within the video. Each product is associated with a unique link-out to product pages, increasing click opportunities for companies and brands by upwards of 300 percent.

Carhartt creative using KERV Interactive technology. Click here to test the interactive video.

“Our initiative for the campaign was to deliver new, interactive content to the right audiences in targeted environments to enhance the consumer experience with the Carhartt brand,” said Janet Ries, Vice President of Marketing at Carhartt. “On the front end, this created a new and immersive ad experience for consumers, but on the back end, it yielded new data points, user behaviors and trends that informed all aspects of the campaign.”

In total, there were five different video creatives that were wrapped with KERV’s technology throughout the campaign. The interactive campaign averaged a 2.4 percent click-through-rate – over 1,040 percent above the 0.21 percent industry standard – and over a three percent interaction rate. The most interacted with products were the Carhartt Full Swing Armstrong Active Jacket and the Carhartt Grain Leather Work Gloves, both averaging over 60 seconds of active interaction time while the total asset’s length was 30 seconds. 

“Our partnership with the incredible teams at Apollo and PM allowed us all to truly optimize the campaign against the unique KERV engagement metrics,” said Marika Roque, EVP of media and technology at KERV Interactive. This led to significant performance results and time spent with the brand throughout the campaign.”

About Carhartt, Inc. 
Established in 1889, Carhartt is a global premium workwear brand with a rich heritage of developing rugged products for workers on and off the job. Headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, with more than 5,500 associates worldwide, Carhartt is family-owned and managed by the descendants of the company’s founder, Hamilton Carhartt. For more information, visit

About Apollo Program
Apollo is a proprietary consumer intelligence platform that listens to billions of data signals from a wide variety of content, creative and in-app sources, enabling brands to assess real customer behavior at scale. These behavioral insights can be applied across an entire business, from product planning to marketing execution. Learn more about Apollo Program at

About KERV Interactive
Named “Best Interactive Brand Experience,” KERV Interactive is a multi-award-winning interactive video company, based in Austin, Texas, that is revolutionizing the future of video engagement through dimensional storytelling. Certified for piracy through the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), KERV’s digital advertising platform was built on cutting-edge, patented technology and adds extraordinary value to brands, agencies, creative and data-science teams by creating audience-to-brand connections within video like never before. Leveraging breakthrough machine learning techniques and AI with unmatched processing speed, the KERV technology recognizes depth, dimension and objects within a video just as precisely as the natural eye does. KERV enables every frame in every scene of any digital video to be an immersive, interactive experience for consumers. Learn more about KERV Interactive by visiting

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ACE develops and produces premium original content for studios, distributors, media networks and brands including episodic television, feature film, print & publishing, digital & social media and experiential/live events. With offices in New York and Los Angeles, ACE combines the storytelling of an award-winning production company with the brand sensibility of a world-class marketing agency. Learn more about ACE by visiting

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