When video media distribution is looked at as a finite component of the marketing process, it leaves buyers feeling like they have limited options to maximize their campaign’s performance. They long for dimension – the ability to assess a variety of factors within the ad experience, allowing them to conduct tactical pivots that amplify results. 

With KERV, media activators can step outside of the typical limitations associated with buying strategy and optimization, taking their campaign’s potential to the next level. 

How do we do it?

With KERV’s patented technology applied – making existing videos interactive – the user’s experience is instantly lifted. Aesthetically and statistically, it piques their curiosity to engage and spend more time with the brand. With each action taken, invaluable feedback on the brand’s target audience is generated. The buyer is now able to understand the consumer’s unique preferences instantly. 

Which products are resonating with them the most? Of the influencers featured, who demands their attention? Is the call-to-action effective in achieving the campaign’s goals? The data and key insights gleaned from the interactive user journey helps inform the brand’s current and future strategy in a way that was previously unattainable using standard in-stream assets and buying practices. 

Now, with this highly qualified data, the brand can adjust their future creative production and cater their approach and messaging to reach each of their audiences, uniquely. 

Why continue running video creatives that yield passive data and limited time? At KERV, our mission is to bring standard in-stream buying into a new era. 

How do we approach buying?

KERV boasts over 15 proprietary metrics, each of which can be used to build qualified audiences based upon actions taken within the video ad unit. A user’s unique path throughout the ad experience is collected at every step they take. 

Based on their actions, KERV then leverages precise, automated, audience segmentation to strategically target users with sequential media and messaging, thus driving them deeper into the interactive funnel towards object and product-level engagement. 

It takes two active steps to navigate to the object-level within the KERV’ed ad unit, making data collected at this stage the most qualified. This object-level audience instantly becomes of premium value to the brand because any action taken at this level shows true user interest and intent with specific products or objects featured.

How do we push buying a step further?

Analysis of scene and object-specific data – within each scene – does not stop with building automations as noted above – there’s more that can be done! 

Leveraging our proprietary DSP we have created a unique ecosystem and optimization engine that combines KERV’s unique, interactive data capture with the standard contextual (SSP, OS, Domain, Browser, etc.) insights on the purchased impression from the bidder logs. 

We pair the data in real time to maximize ad exposure with users who are intenders, while simultaneously increasing the likelihood of securing additional users who share an interest in interacting with the brand. Through this data sync, we then push multi-variate bid models, thus guaranteeing our bids are always dialed-in on the most desirable inventory for the campaign, creative, target and moment.

In addition, we can even tailor the bidder’s QPS (Queries per Second) to send different inventory sets that align with performance on a campaign-to-campaign basis, minimizing tech costs. This unique methodology has led to results that have exceeded 4-5x that of standard in-stream benchmarks for time spent and CTR, while also adding new, interactive data elements to the mix.

At KERV, we work to maximize the economics of the purchased impression. We ask ourselves: how can we most effectively increase the likelihood that this bid translates to an impression that will yield an interaction? With this goal in mind, we have built an infrastructure that brings all of this to life, unlocking a creative’s true potential.

When using KERV, the possibilities are endless!

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