AUSTIN, Texas, June 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — KERV Interactive, the leader in AI-driven, in-video-recognition-powered metadata, is integrating with the IRIS.TV video data platform to enable marketers to use its precise in-video contextual data solutions, called KERV Vision, to target relevant, brand-safe video inventory across thousands of IRIS-enabled premium publishers and billions of monthly video impressions worldwide.

KERV Interactive + IRIS.TV

KERV is a patented and trusted interactive video technology that partners with brands to transform their video assets into fully interactive storefronts using patented, pixel–level-recognition technology to enhance usefulness and commerce opportunities across the video ecosystem. KERV’s AI-driven engine not only fuels real-time interactivity and shoppability, but also provides an unmatched, in-video metadata set that can empower unique targeting and other contextual data opportunities.

KERV Vision enables precise, transparent, and effective logo, facial, location, sentiment, and product segmentation solutions for video, across all screens. With this partnership, KERV’s leadership position in machine-driven, in-video context will now be applied to online video and CTV inventory through IRIS.TV’s video data platform.

IRIS.TV simplifies the complexity and fragmentation of the video ecosystem across CTV and premium digital video, providing access, for the first time, to video-level data. Before IRIS.TV, contextual and brand-safety data for videos was only available by analyzing the text on a web page, and was an impossibility for CTV. Now, marketers can “think inside the video” with the transparency to confidently buy CTV and premium video inventory based on video-level contextual and brand-safety analysis and according to the specific topical nature of every video, in concert with KERV.

“Our contextual API leverages our patented core technology and will change the way we view and monetize video,” notes Marika Roque, COO of KERV Interactive. “KERV’s Vision technology is going to allow a level of creativity within contextual segmentation and targeting which has not previously existed.”

“We’re excited to welcome KERV to our data marketplace,” said Richie Hyden, Co-Founder and COO, IRIS.TV. “KERV is an industry leader in precise in-video contextual metadata with some exciting new products in development. Joining our platform means that KERV customers can now unlock these capabilities across video and CTV inventory. This is a huge win for brands and our publishing and ad-platform partners.”

IRIS.TV unites thousands of potential integrations into a single ecosystem bringing together publishers, contextual data partners, ad servers, and SSPs into a marketplace that allows publishers’ video content to be analyzed and categorized into industry-accepted brand-safe and brand-suitable segments that can be purchased by marketers through any DSP via direct, private marketplace, and open auction buying.

About KERV Interactive
KERV Interactive, is a recognized technology company specializing in patented visual IR driven interactive video for brands. KERV’s mission is to add unique value to video at the most precise and measurable levels, whether that be unmatched UX, bridging commerce and content or powering LIVE metadata feeds to fuel the next generation of contextual targeting as we navigate away from cookies. For more information, visit

IRIS.TV’s mission is to connect and unify video data from any source to power better consumer experiences and business outcomes. Founded in 2013, our video data platform and privacy-first, neutral data marketplace provides the leading media, data, and advertising technology companies with secure onboarding and activation of video data. We enable our partners to build scalable solutions including video-level contextual and brand-safe ad targeting, third-party verification capabilities, personalized video recommendations, and measurement & analytics solutions. For more information, visit

Contact: Jeannine Jacobi

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KERV Interactive, a recognized technology company specializing in visual IR driven interactive video for brands, has released three powerful, pixel edge video AI driven APIs – Visibility, Context/Keyword, and Pause – that leverage its award-winning patented technology.

KERV partners with brands to transform their video assets into fully interactive storefronts (with pixel-level customization), targeted and full of shoppable information that both enhances usefulness and commerce opportunities. KERV’s custom, dynamic interactive ad technology increases a video’s consumer engagement, boosts shoppability by over five times, generates more time spent with content assets and increases interactions – such as QR scans – by over 50 percent. KERV’s AI driven engine fuels its real time interactivity and shoppability while also providing a powerful metadata set that can empower unique targeting and other API driven opportunities.

With KERV’s Visibility API, any content can be processed (live, YouTube links, old content, influencer content, social media, etc.) with data provided back in near real-time. Content analytics include real time logo and product recognition, with the ability to identify object time spent within video content and reporting on visible time on screen for brand logos, talent, products, locations, or anything KERV can visually identify.

The Context/Keyword API focuses on ad break decisioning within LIVE and VOD video content. It features contextual targeting opportunities based on the relevance of content leading up to an ad insertion, with keyword-driven data sets as well as easy integration into existing ad servers and tech stacks. KERV is currently working on building this into infrastructures to power LIVE contextual opportunities across CTV and the broader video landscape.

KERV’s Pause API is CTV focused and bundles both the contextual and visibility APIs together. The API can analyze content to assess relevance associations in real-time, enabling content owners to maximize and monetize the pause. KERV’s visual search engine can correlate any content with any product feed to power revenue opportunities, such as shopping products similar to those within the pause and/or promoting products that are visible within in the content. The API works with both ads and content, and is fueled by KERV’s robust object level metadata.

“Our APIs leverage our core technology and will change the way we view and monetize video,” notes Marika Roque, COO of KERV Interactive. “KERV’s diverse Visibility, Context/Keyword, and Pause APIs help brands optimize their videos for consumer experience, product knowledge, and shoppability.”

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In this months spotlight series, KERV is celebrating Women’s History Month by focusing its attention on innovating women business owners, content creators, entrepreneurs and more.

We are excited to spotlight yet another one of our own, Jeannine Jacobi of Fresh PR. Jeannine is the Founder and Principal of Fresh PR, and has been working closely with KERV on all of our PR initiatives for several years now.

How did you get to this point?

Shortly after graduating from UC Santa Barbara, I got my first job at a boutique public relations firm specializing in music and entertainment.  The pay was terrible, but the experience was priceless.  I handled tour press for indie and major music artists, and was also lucky enough to work on and be a part of some major, once-in-a-lifetime events including the first Three Tenors Concert at Dodgers Stadium and Woodstock ‘94.

Unfortunately, the company closed its doors a year after I started, but it wasn’t long before I started a new job with a midsize electronic publicity company that produced satellite and radio media tours, video news releases, electronic press kits and more.  I learned an entirely different area of PR and also learned how to navigate around the broadcast world.

After several years in electronic publicity, I switched over to a large communications firm, which gave me firsthand experience into the corporate world and working with major gaming and consumer electronic brands, as well as with incredible art institutions.  I eventually left the firm to head up the communications department at a nonprofit, which was an incredible experience in itself…raising awareness for an organization doing so much good for women, children and families.

It was during my time at the nonprofit when I came to realize that all the incredible organizations, I had been fortunate enough to work with, learn from and grow as a PR professional were all owned and operated by strong, independent and confident women.  Shortly after this realization, I decided to start my public relations consultancy. Thus, Fresh PR was born.

What matters most to you?

Never give up!  Staying strong, fighting through the tough times and never quitting is something my parents taught me throughout my younger years, and reinforced as an adult when I entered the work force. As a woman, entrepreneur and mother of two preteens who are experiencing the trials of pandemic life, it’s important to me that they learn resiliency and to grow from persevering through challenges.

Check out Jeannines: LinkedIn or learn more about Fresh PR

In this months spotlight series, KERV is celebrating Women’s History Month by focusing its attention on innovating women business owners, content creators, entrepreneurs and more.

This week we’re excited to spotlight KERV’s own Deleyla Glass. Deleyla is the Manager of Digital Strategy, and plays a huge role in moving our business forward, taking care of our clients, and ensuring that our data tells a great story for our clients through enhanced performance.

How did you get to this point?

In my first year of teaching second grade, I attended a workshop on how to provide data-driven interventions to students who were struggling in math and reading. I learned how to use excel for the first time and I was hooked. There in those spreadsheets I could monitor each of my students’ progression towards their goals, optimize tactics and execute interventions that would help their performance increase over time.

I fell in love with the data, and the process worked. Students who were coming to me in second grade, reading on a kindergarten level, were leaving second grade reading on and above grade-level material. At the time, many of my friends worked for startups here in Austin and I became enamored with what they were doing with data and technology. I started looking for opportunities, picking up pro-bono marketing gigs, anything that could build my portfolio.

Finally, I found a job posting for a Junior Media Buyer on Austin Digital Jobs. I applied, went through the interview process, and was offered the job where I met KERV’s COO, Marika Roque, and our Director of Digital Strategy, Ryan Schoenfeld. The two of them saw something greater in me than I honestly saw in myself at the time.

Over the years, they have mentored me, challenged me, and above all, believed in me. With their support, I was able to take that same data-driven mindset that I once used as a teacher and apply it to strategically optimize campaigns that perform so beautifully with KERV’s technology. I like to think that I made it to this point with a little bit of tenacity and a whole lot of faith in myself, the people I work with, and our product. 

What matters most to you?

Sometimes, especially within the startup space, we can get on the grind for so long that we forget to stop, take a breath, and remember what matters. I try to stay mindful of that and do what I can to show up and hold space for others. One way that I have been able to do this at KERV is by creating and facilitating a women’s book club.

Each week, over the past year, women from all levels of leadership and departments in our company get together and create a space where we show up, reflect on what we’re reading, share what’s going on in our lives and support one another. We celebrate successes, provide guidance, nurture each other’s interests and ultimately work together to empower one another. I’ve felt so honored to witness the fierceness, strength and courage that each of these women possess. Having the opportunity to lead this group has been a catalyst for growth within myself and it’s reminded me how crucial it is to have my community of women.

We are a testament that when women support other women, even the darkest of times are no match for us. What matters most to me is that I elevate those around me, because their success is my success too and when we work together, we can conquer anything.

Check out Deleya’s: LinkedIn or learn more about KERV

In this months spotlight series, KERV is celebrating Women’s History Month by focusing its attention on innovating women business owners, content creators and entrepreneurs.

This week we’re excited to spotlight Raasin McIntosh of Raasin in the Sun, building resilient communities through art and environmental initiatives.

How did you get to this point?

There was one trip in particular to West Africa that inspired me to create Raasin in the Sun. It was something about the environment and the energy that ignited my passion to give. During the return trip home to the US … was this lingering question before me, “How to create meaningful change?”. Flying in the clouds, I looked out beyond the airplane window and there it was clear, hanging in the sky like a glowing medallion. Stemming from various acts of giving in a positive light, Raasin in the Sun was conceived. To me, the simplest depiction (symbol) of light was and is the sun. 

With nothing to lose, I simply started with one act at a time. Starting with myself in hopes that others would be inspired to do the same. Being a kid raised in the Houston neighborhood of Sunny Side and 5th ward, I was no stranger to the arts. My Dad was always creating something whether it was making signs for the local Barber shop or building stages for bands to play. He always encouraged me to take on the arts and immersed me in the culture. But I never knew it would manifest in this way. People often label me when they see me as an artist of some kind. Well that may be right, but not necessarily a painter or musician. I create change and the world is my canvas. 

What matters most to you?

What matters most to me is leaving a legacy for future generations. Passing the baton of light and love. To leave behind an indestructible platform for the arts and the environment in which we live. To demonstrate resilience in the face of adversity, discord and fear. To leave behind the idea that acts of kindness, selflessness, and giving doesn’t leave you without, but rather an open door to an abundance of joy, peace, and well being.

Learn more about Raasin and Raasin and the Sun: raasininthesun.orgFacebookYouTubeVolunteer

In this months spotlight series, KERV is celebrating Women’s History Month by focusing its attention on innovating women business owners, content creators and entrepreneurs.

This week we’re excited to spotlight Kaki Gaines of EDIT/MODE, providing women the curated service of a Personal Stylist that is virtually accessible anywhere.

How did you get to this point?

I have always had an inherent interest in fashion. I used to spend hours drawing closets and outfit ideas when I was a child! I believe it is so important to observe what you loved doing when you were young, as it is an indicator of your raw talent! I pursued a degree in Creative Advertising from UT and studied fashion design at Parsons summer intensive. I began my career in fashion with Kendra Scott in her design department, and then my role progressed into styling models for the branded campaigns and Kendra personally. I branched out on my own as a freelance personal stylist about five years ago. I absolutely love everything involved with the personal styling process- especially how it merges fashion with psychology. The idea for the EDIT/MODE platform was sparked from my urge to digitize my personal styling process it was available to more women. 

EDIT/MODE is a personalized digital fashion marketplace thoughtfully curated by myself and a network of personal stylists. My goal is for E/M to empower women to shop with ease and dress with confidence, knowing that the pieces on the site have been pre-selected by stylists and tagged with specific styling-inspired filters such as body type attributes and occasion. My site features a mix of a stylist-curated boutique plus a library of styling tips to help educate. We help women save time by narrowing down the thousands of options out there, plus providing easy to implement tips to help complete their looks! 

What matters most to you?

What matters to me most is empowering the women who use E/M to tell their story via their wardrobe. I strive to provide a shopping experience that is inclusive, inspiring, and makes it easy to find options women love and feel great in! There is so much noise in the digital shopping world currently, but as a network of stylists at E/M we have knowledge from our time working with clients to help our users sift through that. Feeling confident in your clothing is so important, and I absolutely love sharing my perspective as a stylist to empower the women who shop the site.

Learn more about Kaki and EDIT/MODE: editmode.usFacebookLinkedIn

What is your role at KERV?

TB: As a lead product designer at KERV Interactive, I am responsible for designing the interfaces/graphics, experiences and interactions that a user would engage with while using any of KERV’s web or mobile products. 

What’s the most important aspect of your job?

TB: In the startup world, prioritizing progress is central to building a strong company at a fast rate. Design is typically compromised as a last step in many cases even though it is paramount to the success of a given product.

As a product designer it is incredibly important to educate, advocate and problem solve ways to make design an essential need for all steps of the product life cycle.  

What is your favorite part about working at KERV?

TB: There are many things I admire about this company; from the products they are creating to the strategies they are using to distinguish ourselves in the marketplace.

The thing I like most about working with a smaller startup team is the intimacy of our community. There is a sense of family amongst our workplace. You get to know everyone on a personal level and from that there is a greater desire to achieve for all parties involved. 

What do you think sets KERV apart from other interactive platforms?

TB: There are a multitude of things our strategists have set in place to make KERV’s products stand out from our competition. From offering highly dynamic interaction analytics to providing a vast range of options and control over the content advertisers are releasing.

Much of what myself and the design team have been working to contribute to this effort is creating an interface that allows users to dig into products and knowledge within a given video to a much deeper level. So much to the point that it transcends what you would get from a typical video ad experience.

What makes someone want to engage with an interactive advertisement? 

TB: I would say a lot of it comes down to content and control over content. The internet has created a new paradigm for control over the content you consume.

Before you only had a mute button to avoid the barrage of commercials you might encounter watching your favorite television show, but we now have many more ways to get our content without being held hostage for five-minute sprints.

This puts a lot of pressure on advertisers to make content that people want to interact with, which I actually think is a great thing. In my mind, a perfect use of advertising is to create content that people find helpful and useful in their daily pursuits, not a machine that doles out ideas randomly that are ultimately forced down your throat.

This is where KERV steps in. Not only do we take full advantage of advanced analytical retargeting strategies to reach the right people with the right message, we also present those users with an advertisement that allows them complete control to find the information in the video they choose on their own time.

On top of that, due to the deep immersive interactive experiences our player offers, many users will be delighted to find exclusive, intriguing and helpful content that might not be available any place else. 

How is designing for a product that’s unique to the space?

TB: Well, it’s a challenge to say the least! As a product designer, I understand the importance of building off of pre-established interaction patterns that people are used to. When a very new and unique product is entering the market you sometimes have to help users overcome slight learning curves.

During project prep, I spent a good amount of time exploring on-boarding instructions, tips and basic workflow guidance strategies to help users get acquainted with our system. Coupled with that, many challenges lay in innovating an easy-to-use application in an advertising space that has many placement, size and time restrictions.

Sometimes layout sacrifices and compromises have to be made to accommodate this new landscape. In the end it comes down to pushing your skills as far as you can and allowing yourself space and time to reflect and sometimes even fail.

The funny thing is that, as a UX designer, no matter what kind of goal you had in mind that you feel you were unable to meet, when you begin listening to the feedback of your users, they will always lead you to the path of product success.

In your opinion, what is a successful design process?

TB: Saying that I follow a strict human-centered design process isn’t really enough here. I can make it my everyday duty to adhere to a design process that is driven by user needs and accessibility guidelines. However, at the end of the day it’s my team and the mechanics of the organization that ultimately determine whether a product will be successfully designed. 

That’s why I make it a top priority to connect with the people I work with; create a channel of trust and communication and learn the best ways to work together.

The best way to work with a certain developer for example, may not be the best way to work with another so you have to be willing to make sacrifices and accommodations to assure that you work goes out according to specs and scope.

You have to become an advocate and evangelist for design. You have to make it clear why the work you do benefits everyone in the costs you save and the product success you can achieve together.

Today, consumers expect a personalized and visually inspiring experience from brands. Shoppable content is the newest trend amongst digital advertisers, and continues to rapidly grow in popularity from online ads to social media. While shoppable ads can support sales goals, interactive video takes ads one step further to support all aspects of your marketing campaign. 

Interactive intelligence combined with shoppable video has become a necessary complement to any brand’s content integration plan. Marketers are finding that a personalized consumer engagement strategy creates a better and more relevant user experience that further drives brand awareness and affinity.

The evolution of consumer-focused marketing strategies are becoming a significant part of the commerce mix. We are in an age of digital transformation that will change the online viewing experience, and further the adoption of technology and data capabilities for marketing solutions.

Foreseeing this new dawn in the video advertising age, KERV created a patented platform that merges shoppable capabilities with personalization and data-driven consumer intelligence. Thus, creating an all-in-one interactive platform that drives results for digital marketers. 

Unlike other interactive video technologies, “KERVing” a video – wrapping our patented technology over an existing ad to make it interactive – does much more than create a shoppable ad. Interactive video takes standard, static videos one step further, and benefits both consumers and brands.

Interactive Video Benefits Consumers

Consumers are looking for interactive and engaging content from their favorite brands. KERV gives consumers more insight into a brand and its message, allowing users to form deeper connections with a brand. 

Consumers can visit a brand site, product pages, shop and learn about individual items without having to leave the video ad. Bringing a website experience into a video ad not only encourages consumers to lean in and engage with your brand, but also provides layers of convenience that supports the path to purchase.

With KERV’s technology applied, videos become more immersive experiences tailored to engage users and their interests while bringing new levels of brand engagement.

Interactive Video Benefits Brands

Brands are looking for ways to reduce the friction between marketing and purchasing. Interactive video gives brands the unique ability to understand their key audiences and intentions through multiple, curated click-throughs and messaging. Beyond simply making a brand impression, interactive video provides a range of consumer insights that marketers want.

What Makes KERV Different?

1. Object-level Recognition

Built on patented technology, KERV is the only interactive video platform that applies cutting-edge machine learning techniques to quickly identify every object, in every scene of a video, by its curved pixel edges. The ability to granularly define objects allows for brands to include more link-out and engagement opportunities, which significantly elevates performance. 

Object-level recognition allows consumers to interact specifically with any item of interest within a video. Meanwhile, brands to receive more sophisticated optimizations to dig deeper into each creative object and themes that resonate with key audiences. 

2. Enhanced Shoppability

Identifying at the object-level within videos allows brand marketers to provide more shoppable opportunities for consumers per video. Each object is uniquely assigned a custom URL, text and title for consumers to learn and shop. Any object a user clicks is saved in a carousel so consumers can go back and look through everything at their convenience. 

3. Action-based Insights

In addition to standard video metrics, KERV reports on 15+ proprietary engagement metrics to provide brands with the deepest insights that unveil the consumer journey. Video intelligence provides actionable data around how audiences actually engage with a brand. Focusing on specific, qualified metrics provides a higher indication of consumer interest and purchase intention, within user groups, that brands can gather from these data points. 

4. Hyper-targeted Engagement Audiences

Understanding what specific user groups are interested in, or interacting with, allows brands to re-target these individuals with creative that is directly related to their interests. Combining object recognition with interactive insights provides an unmatched level of precision to accurately target consumers, encouraging them further down the purchase funnel. 

Re-targeting from object-level interactions provides more value for marketers, because you can drill down and understand exactly what the consumer is interested in from your video. Traditional in-stream only has one click to gain insights from, which is an inaccurate measure of determining user interest. Long gone are the days of only considering completion and user engagement from a single click within an in-stream experience. 

5. Increased Video Performance and ROI

KERV videos have been tested over 100 million unique users and create interaction and engagement rates that well surpass traditional pre-roll. Campaigns that run with KERV technology prioritize time spent with the video asset and quality engagement with brands. In comparison to traditional in-stream videos, brands can expect:

  • 20X higher user engagement
  • 6X higher interaction rates
  • 5X higher CTR
  • 4X more time spent with your brand

6. Increased Optimizations

With granular data on user interaction, KERV can define and create specific touch patterns, by video, and serve creative, whether video or banners, to encourage future interaction with a brand and its products. Interactive insights are more reliable in terms of assessing purchase intention and consumer interest. Brands are provided with factual information to assist in future creative planning.

No matter your buying preferences, all data metrics are shared for current campaign performance and create intender groups for future campaigns via KERV and other key partners. 

7. Technology for Any Video

Any brand is able to benefit from KERV’s technology, as the technology simply takes existing videos and automatically layers it with interactivity and engagement points. No need to create a specific video to reap the benefits of interactive video. 

Every year we all experience the frenzy that is the holiday shopping season, and today it’s louder than ever. Our world is flooded with holiday-themed video advertisements, banners and mailers oh my!

How can a brands’ creative truly connect with their consumer base and stand out from all of that noise? Here at KERV, we believe you can set your brand apart this holiday season by providing your consumers with a new and unique brand experience through interactive video merging the online shopping experience with your traditional, promotional video creative.

What if your target audience(s) could learn more about your products, brands, services, etc. without leaving the video they are watching? On top of that, what if those users could also add your products into a shopping cart directly within that same video? KERV’s interactive video platform does just that and more. The new user engagement data you will gather can also help to inform future creative and production decisions.

Our patented, interactive video technology  gives users the opportunity to lean into your brand’s content more than ever before. Users can create their own conveniently customized journey through a dimensional experience, and you will be able to see the exact steps each individual user takes that pull them closer to purchase your products or services.

This holiday season, KERV wants to give the gift of helping brands be that “diamond in the rough” by creating all new engagement opportunities with their users and generate increased revenue from your video. Our interactive video technology will not only allow users to have an in-video shopping cart experience, but we are also providing them with the opportunity to spend more time with your brand in general. Sit back and watch your brand’s engagement levels skyrocket. 

When users spend more time with your brand, this means they are establishing a deeper connection and a clearer path for purchase. KERV is making the shopping experience easier and more convenient. Every single product or object within your video can inform, excite or encourage your user base to do more, giving them the additional details they need to help with their holiday shopping decisions. 

Additionally, KERV is able to re-target users with sequential versions of your video, tailored specifically based on their interactions. Users who have already interacted and “shopped” your video will see the ad again with their abandoned shopping cart items included, if they did not link out to purchase.

Interactive video allows for extended value of your video content, providing new creative control to help differentiate your content from the crowd. Showcase your holiday deal promotions, for each unique product within your videos, and even control the tone and voice through custom object descriptions. You can also take advantage of creating multiple product experiences, curated specifically for each distinct demographic you are trying to reach. Text, objects and even the colors of your product identifiers – “object glow” – and primary call-to-action buttons can be customized with KERV’s platform. 

By combining our creative customizations with a live shopping cart functionality, you will bring a fresh and powerful tool to the market. As users add to their cart, the primary call-to-action will indicate the number of products in their cart. Once clicked/tapped, they will be redirected to a filled shopping cart directly on the client/brand site.

The truth is that technology should be helping to make our lives easier. Why not amplify your story this holiday season by creating less obstacles for brand engagement and user attribution? Enhance your visual content with interactive and shoppable video to make everyone’s lives easier this holiday season. 

Connect with KERV to see a demo.

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